Special transport, heavy transport, vehicle escort

Hoflehner transport escort service provides the organisation vehicle escort for special and heavy transportation according to level 1 and level 2-4 in compliance with §97 para. 2 of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) 1960.

Vehicles used for your transportation escort

All vehicles from Hoflehner transport escort service correspond to the quality norm as an authorized road supervisor according to §97 para. 2 of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) 1960 and are equipped with telephone, radio and safety equipment. We always have between 6 – 7 vehicles in use for you.

Equipment in our escort vehicles:

  • 2 yellow warning lights
  • Inscription “special transport” in block letters, minimum height 10 cm in black on a yellow or red background. The inscription must be visible from the front and back and must be removed after the transport has been secured (otherwise no further inscriptions)
  • Radio connection to transport vehicles
  • Security material: Traffic sign “Other dangers” with side length of at least 900 mm and designed as a tripod, at least 4 traffic cones, height: at least 50 cm

Our qualifications for your transport escort

Our drivers are specially trained in the management of vehicles for special and heavy transports and are certified as authorities of road supervision in accordance with §97 para. 2 of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO). In addition, our drivers participate in refresher courses every three years for road supervisors.


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